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Medicinal uses of olive oil

Portugal is located in the south western part of Europe. In the northern and eastern parts it is bordered by Spain while in the south and east it is bordered by the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. The geographical diversities in Portugal present a variety of climatic types in Portugal and except the extreme north eastern and south eastern parts, absolute temperature conditions are not noticed any where else. The Mediterranean type climate aids the cultivation of olive groves in the country. Today olive oil is exported extensively to foreign markets and Portugal is ranked eight in the world.

Medicinal olive oil

Olive oil in Portugal has a variety of medicinal uses which makes it very significant as a crop. As cooking oil or an ingredient in cooking, olive oil provides awesome flavor to the preparations. Moreover its low acid content makes it possible to allow easy digestion.

It is also widely used in cosmetics, soaps and are immensely beneficial in adding smoothness and softness to dry scaly skins especially during winter seasons. Having almost no side effects olive oils are used in preparing certain lipophilic drugs. However its most significant function is with respect to heart diseases. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which reduce the effects of the bad cholesterol in blood called Low-density Lipoprotein which in its turn decreases the possibility of coronary heart diseases.

In Portugal during the 1980 there was a speculation that the polyunsaturated vegetable oils are healthier than olive oil. However, it has been established beyond doubt that olive oil is the most advantageous among all forms of vegetable oils. The presence of antioxidants like Vitamin E in olive oils aid in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and the risks of contracting coronary heart diseases. The presence of Vitamin K in olive oil is important as it also is significant during blood clotting.

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